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 Hi there! 

I'm not sure how, or why, you found this odd website, but I welcome you anyway..

This is Anti Hero!

We are a silly, friendly and extremely weird guild that loves having fun together in raids, dungeons, scenarios etc, you name it, we make it fun (and stupid)!

Currently we're trying our very worst to clear Siege or Orgrimmar before WoD is released and so far it's going fairly alright.
If you want to join our raiding, you will need good experience and great gear as we are not in a place where we want to gear you up. Right now we are going to focus on actually killing the bosses we haven't gotten down yet.
On the other hand, if you want to join as a backup, social or just want a good home while you get the gear you need; then you are more than welcome to join us and enjoy your time within our ranks.

In any of these cases, just click the "Apply to Guild" over on the top-left side and write an application! If you just want to be a social, just write that and we'll contact you in no time!

Don't forget to read the guildrules over here!

Now, I hope you'll have a great day (or night) and maybe I'll see you around!

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